City of Cortland Comprehensive Plan

The City of Cortland adopted their Comprehensive Plan in May of 2012.  Thoma Development Consultants has a 30+ year relationship with the City and was hired to manage the Plan's development and write the final document.  This Plan was developed to guide the City of Cortland, its departments and boards, and its residents in making sound decisions regarding land use and development, and to establish strategies to address issues facing the City. Cortland is a tightly knit community with a good quality of life, a relatively low crime rate, and a strong downtown. Cortland is blessed with an abundance of natural and built resources, high quality educational and civic institutions, a fortuitous geographical location, and a hard working and creative citizenry. However, the City is beset with a number of intractable problems, including pockets of poverty and housing decay, zoning issues, economic development needs, and environmental issues, such as the protection of its sole source aquifer.  This long-range document provides recommendations for future action and helps to prioritize choices for the allocation of resources. It will help to set a new direction for the City of Cortland.


Comprehensive Plan

The City's 2012 Comprehensive Plan can be downloaded below. Please note that some of these files are large, and may take time to download.


CHAPTER 3: Inventory and Analyis

CHAPTER 4: Adoption and Maintenance

CHAPTER 5: Action Plan Matrix






 Development of the Plan was funded, in part, through a $54,000 Quality Communities grant from the New York State Department of State.





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